Current research includes:


  • End of life care for people with alcohol and drug problems – funded by the Big Lottery Fund, PI – Sarah Galvani, with MMU colleagues Lucy Webb, Jo Ashby, Gemma Yarwood, Carol Haigh, Josie Tetley, Fiona Duncan and Lorna Templeton (Independent Research Consultant).


  • Evaluation of Aquarius’ Time of My Life Older People and Alcohol Service – co-funded by Aquarius and Alcohol Research UK, PI – Sarah Galvani with MMU colleagues Jo-Pei Tan, Sophie Smailes, Bev Smith, Stephen Jefferies, Kevin Albertson, and Denise Tanner (University of Birmingham)


  • Prevalence study of New Psychoactive Substance use in Manchester – funded by Manchester City Council Public Health Department, PI – Rob Ralphs with MMU colleagues Paul Gray and Anna Ykhlef


  • An exploration of the prevalence and nature of New Psychoactive Substance use and drug markets in a custodial setting – funded by MMU Research and Knowledge Exchange, PI Rob Ralphs and Oliver Sutcliffe with MMU colleagues Rebecca Askew and Anna Ykhlef


  • Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs: Motivations, Pathways and Implications for Public Health, Service Provision and Harm Reduction – funded by MMU Research and Knowledge Exchange, PI Rob Ralphs with MMU colleagues Mike Salinas, Craig Fletcher and William Floodgate (University of Manchester)


  • Development of rapid screening methods for New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) – funded by MMU Research and Knowledge Exchange, PI Oliver Sutcliffe with MMU colleagues Craig Banks and Ryan Mewis.


  • New Psychoactive Substances – New Analytical Challenges. PI Oliver Sutcliffe with MMU colleagues Craig Banks and Ryan Mewis in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde (Darren Edwards) and the University of Dundee (Niamh Nic Daeid)


  • Care leavers: Boom Project. Lucy Webb in association with Greater Manchester Voluntary Services Organisation and Greater Manchester Youth Network, Vulnerable and Disengaged Young People Fund, The Cabinet Office, HM Govt.


  • Voices from the Brink: Digital technology as outreach among disengaged substance misusers. Webb and colleagues.


  • Back from the Brink: supporting disengaged drinkers toward recovery. PI Lucy Webb, MMU Research Institute for Health and Social Care


  • Trajectories of Recovery: Changing relationship with help seeking and receiving through the recovery process. Testimony from voices in Recovery. PI, Lucy Webb.

The research group members and associates aspire to three core underpinning principles:

1. Applied research – policy and practice

2. Interdisciplinary research – cross-disciplinary research linking science to practice.

3. Partnership research – with community partner organisations and individuals as well as the voluntary and statutory partners.

Methodologically the group has expertise in a wide range of approaches. In particular it excels in:

• Secondary dataset analysis

• Exploratory and ethnographic studies

• Process and programme evaluation including economic analysis

• Survey administration and data analysis

• Qualitative data collection

• Peer led and peer involved research approaches

• Psychopharmaceutical chemistry – synthesis, characterisation and development of novel lab/field detection methods for substances of abuse and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).